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  • Lesley Millar-Nicholson: MIT’s Technology Licensing Office

    Thierry Heles talks to Lesley Millar-Nicholson, director of MIT’s Technology Licensing Office and Catalysts, about a bumper year despite the pandemic.

  • Peter Devine: Uniseed

    Thierry Heles talks to Peter Devine about Uniseed, Australia’s longest running venture fund that operates at the Universities of Melbourne, Queensland, Sydney & New South…

  • Jim Wilkinson: Oxford Sciences Innovation

    Thierry Heles talks to Jim Wilkinson of Oxford Sciences Innovation about the company and how they invest.

  • Darek DeFreece: UC Berkeley

    Thierry Heles talks to Darek DeFreece, who at the time of recording was the managing director of Berkeley Academic Ventures.

  • Tom Vanhoutte: Imec.xpand

    Thierry Heles talks to Tom Vanhoutte from Imec.xpand.