Talking Tech Transfer

Stephan Christgau: Eir Ventures

Stephan Christgau is a founding partner of Eir Ventures, a €122m life sciences venture firm backed by six Swedish universities and, through a sidecar vehicle, University of Copenhagen. He joins us on Talking Tech Transfer to discuss the opportunities and challenges of investing across multiple countries, and ponders the unique strengths that the Nordics have in pharmaceutical.

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Sangeeta Bardhan Cook: City of Hope

Sangeeta Bardhan Cook is the executive director, business innovation, at City of Hope. She joins us on Talking Tech Transfer to discuss the unique aspects of commercialisation at a hospital with a focus on cancer, diabetes and other life-threatening diseases and what it means to be surrounded by patients who often have nowhere else left to turn.

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Kalpa Vithalani: Marquette University

Kalpa Vithalani is the executive director of technology transfer at Marquette University and she joins us on Talking Tech Transfer to discuss what it means to help build a tech transfer office at a Catholic Jesuit institution and why it isn’t so much about standing out from other universities nearby as it is about collaborating with them.

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There are no new episodes of Talking Tech Transfer this week or next as Thierry is off getting married. We will be back with another interview on Friday 29 April 2022.

Amir Naiberg: UCLA Technology Development Group

Amir Naiberg has been the associate vice-chancellor and CEO and president of UCLA Technology Development Group since 2016, when he moved from having led Yeda, the tech transfer arm of Weizmann Institute of Science.

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Mark Billingsley: University of Alaska Fairbanks

Mark Billingsley is the director of University of Alaska Fairbanks‘ Tech Transfer Office and Innovation Hub, having joined the profession in 2015 after first working as an engineer and then holding various legal jobs, such as assistant public defender.

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Tony Hickson: Cancer Research UK

Tony Hickson is the chief business officer of Cancer Research UK, where he leads the Commercial Partnerships team responsible for commercialisation. He joins us on the podcast to discuss taking a very long view of shifting culture towards more entrepreneurialism and the importance of transparency around ethnic diversity and inclusion.

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Ian McClure: University of Kentucky

For the 50th episode of Talking Tech Transfer, we are excited to bring you a discussion between Ian McClure, the associate vice-president for research, innovation and economic impact at University of Kentucky, the executive director of its commercialisation office UK Innovate and the incoming chairman of AUTM, and Orin Herskowitz, senior vice-president of intellectual property and tech transfer for Columbia University.

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Karin Immergluck: Stanford University’s Office of Technology Licensing

Stanford may be a recognised world leader, but it must not rest on its laurels – sometimes that even means launching initiatives that others have long been doing. That is just one of the lessons Karin Immergluck, executive director of Stanford University’s Office of Technology Licensing (OTL), tells us today on Talking Tech Transfer.

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Andy Shenk: Auckland UniServices

Andy Shenk, chief executive of Auckland UniServices, the commercialisation subsidiary of University of Auckland, joins us on Talking Tech Transfer to discuss how the office collaborates with the Māori people and why that matters, what the opportunities and challenges are around big data and AI, and why being a remote country is an asset for space tech.

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