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Maxine Ficarra: PraxisAuril

Maxine Ficarra was the chief executive of PraxisAuril for nearly 20 years, stepping down today as this episode is released.

Maxine has helped shaped the profession like few others have. She led the organisation through two mergers, a pandemic and concluded with PraxisAuril’s largest conference yet in June this year. She’s also usually the one interviewing others on stage, so I am very honoured that she is giving her farewell interview.

She tells us how she became the first employee of Praxis even before it was incorporated and ponders the changes she has seen over the past two decades. She tells us why she was relieved that not all leaders need to be like Alan Sugar and imagines a future in which a knowledge exchange professional might become prime minister… or at least famous enough to compete on Strictly Come Dancing (that’s Dancing with the Stars for our American listeners).

It’s clear Maxine’s impact will be felt for many years to come and that can only be a good thing.

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